How To Pruning The Coffee Plants

In order to optimal growth and productivity of coffee plants, it is necessary to pruning (trimming). Pruning the coffee plants are basically two systems, namely pruning single stem (single trunk) and  double stem pruning (multiple trunk). The fundamental difference in the system are maintained on the number of stems and branches to supply the new fruit. Both the system of pruning single stem or multiple stem pruning cuts made ​​three stages, that is : 

Functions of the coffee tree pruning
  • Pruning shapes, which aims to establish a strong framework of the plant canopy and make it balance
  • Pruning to maintenance / production, which aims to maintain the balance of plant that skeleton has been obtained by trimming the shape
  • And pruning for rejuvenation, which aims to rejuvenate the stem.
Arrangements plants protector is very important especially to enhance the stimulation of the formation of flowers and fruit rescue coffee. During the rainy season the weather is often cloudy, so that the light intensity is reduced, because the presence of crown / canopy cover crops are less necessary.

Arrangements plants protector aims to provide adequate sunlight, air and reduce the circulation of air humidity during the rainy season. Setting activities cover crops include several aspects of both execution time setting it up as well. Setting up a protective plant through pruning the shape, pruning and thinning setting, while its execution time depends on the weather and crop growing environment and circumstances.

Production maintenance should be performed periodically, to expedite the process of transporting the harvest from the garden to the shelter as well as results from the shelter to the factory emplacement. Maintenance of roads covering the production and stockpiling of road hardening, weed control and the deepening of drainage channels along the way. Size, location and length of the path is determined by the size, location and topography of the garden. Gardens of the people generally do not require a special way because of the relatively small extent.

That's some tips on how pruning of coffee plants and how to care for the coffee plants. We hope with this tips you'll find it easier to optimize the cultivation of coffee planting. This plant is suitable for the tropics and is very easy to maintain.


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