How to Care For Potted Chrysanthemum Plant

How to Care For Potted Chrysanthemum
The chrysanthemums plant in pots should be well cared so the flowers will seems more beautiful. If the chrysanthemum care properly it will be much more beautiful flowers and will grow well.

These is how to care for potted chrysanthemum

First step set up pots with a diameter of 15-20 cm. High pot size is about 15-20 cm. At the bottom of the pot holes that were 0.5 to 1 cm wide. The number of holes is just 4 pieces only with use as flush water disposal.

Once the pot is given the right growing medium in the form of a mixture of soil and rice husk in the ratio 2:1. Could also be a mixture of soil and coconut fiber that has been destroyed by a 2:1 ratio.

If the soil media is inserted in the pot, then plant the seeds of chrysanthemum. Use of seeds that have come from  vegetative development such as seedlings due to having superior properties such as its parent. one pot can be planted 5-7 seeds chrysanthemum. Planting should be slightly widened by avoiding a too short distance between the seeds with other seeds.
The next care is watered and fertilize. Watering is done every day to seek the planting medium is always moist and wet. but do not tarnish because it can rot the roots.

Month old plants can be cultivated as much as 2 grams of NPK 15-15-15 each pot. Next do any more fertilizing every two weeks with the same dose. The fertilizer can be spread around the existing chrysanthemum seeds. Also can be dissolved in water first with a dose of 2 grams per liter of water, then sprayed on the plants concerned.

Only with good care, chrysanthemum plants to flourish so that it will bloom when its age is 3-4 months. Allow to dry flowers popping up above the trees. Strive chrysanthemum is exposed to direct sunlight in order to support the growth and flowering

Given a potted chrysanthemum has a charming artistic value chrysanthemum plants have similar flower with aster plant , it can be placed on the table, terrace houses, corner or other places. Chrysanthemum plants in pots can beautify the room. just have to put it in direct sunlight.


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