How To Care Croton Plant For Good Growing

How To Care Croton Plant For Good How To Care Croton Plant For Good Growing - Like most other plants, croton plant looks beautiful and exotic could also be damaged because of a number of pests and diseases attack. Croton plant pests that often attack this plant is white ants and fleas. To remove it, must takes a careful observation of the condition of the health and do spraying with insecticides.

In order Croton plants  to remain attractive appearance some care should be taken to obtain good results:

Terms of growing media.

A good growing media must be capable of binding and storing water and nutrients well, have good sanitation system, aeration and good drainage, so it does not become a source of disease and are durable. Do not let the condition of of growing media is too moist. Croton growing media composition can consist of red soil, humus leaf, husk fuel, manure and bamboo.

How To Watering Croton Plant.

Yellow Croton Plant
Yellow Croton Plant

Croton will grow best when water needs is fulfilled. Watering is done once a day, morning or afternoon when the hot conditions, or every other day if the conditions of rain, or the media should not be watered if conditions are wet. Excess water can cause root rot is characterized by the collapse of the young leaves.


Light is considered can make, croton plant color becomes brighter. Croton is less light will fade the color. Therefore, there is a good idea to put this plant in a place that have sun light. When used as indoor ornamental plants, croton issued once every week so that the need for heat or sunlight can be fulfilled.

Fertilization of Croton Plant.

Red Croton Plant
Red Croton Plant

Fertilization can be done through the roots or leaves, every three months. Fertilization through the roots by watering or sown in the planting medium, whereas fertilization through leaves by spraying. Doses are adjusted to the type of fertilizer used. When do fertilization, is just as well be accompanied by replacement planting media.

Those are some ways you have to do to care croton plant, there should also be diligent in controlling the growth of these plants and control pests and diseases. Do not forget also read other article  such as about the Peace Lily or about How To Care For Bromeliads Plant. Thanks for visiting our blog we hope it will be useful.


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