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Main Diseases of Pineapple Plant

Diseases of Pineapple Plant Pineapple is a fruit are much preferred because it tastes sweet and refreshing. But there are some Main Diseases of Pineapple Plant that attacking this plant so we have to control it to get a high quality fruit. Maybe the disease is like the disease of tomato plant , just read detail.

Fruit wilt (Erwinia chrysanthemi).

This disease attacks the Singapore-Spanish cultivars and Masmerah in Malaysia. This disease attacks the fruit of pineapples few weeks before ripe that causes fruit to spend lots of liquids and gases, so the disease can not be controlled directly. Indirect control is done by controlling the spread of bacteria ants above. Various pesticides such as the type heptaklor can control these ants. Smooth Cayenne pineapple resistant to this disease.

Heart rot (bacterial heart rot).

The disease is also caused by the bacterium Erwinia chrysanthemi. The disease attacks the young leaves at the base of the plants are 3-6 months old and causes decay in the center of the canopy. Smooth Cayenne Pineapple and Queen Pineapple were resistant to this disease.

Diseases Attack Often Pineapple Plant

Central rot.

The disease is insidious symptoms are similar to, but the cause is a fungus Phytophthora cinnamomi or P. parasitica. The disease is common in pineapple plants in Thailand and Filipinos.

Marble disease (marbling diseases).

The cause is a bacterium Erwinia ananas. The disease is mostly found in pineapple plants in Thailand.

Flea powder (Dysmicoccus brevipes).

These mites cause the roots stop growing and decaying plants and crops to wither. This disease is characterized by the end of the leaf becomes reddish yellow. Smooth Cayenne Pineapple  is not resistant to dust mites. Pesticides diazinon and malathion can help reduce this flea attack.

Those are some diseases that often attack the pineapple plant that makes the pineapple plant produce fruit with poor quality. Therefore we have to control this disease so the plant that we are cultivating can flourish and fruitful with good.


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