How To Care Watermelon Plant

Tips to care and grow watermelon plant

How to care watermelon plant

Watermelon is grown in a place that fits relatively dry. Different from other types vines care watermelon tree is more easy.

Propagation Branch

After the elongated branches, twigs propagated to form a bracket with a row of plants. When branches are too close together easily cause disease, as well as the flowers fall off easily

Provision of Straw

Given at the place where the trunk and branches is watermelon. Leaves that have been propagated covered with straw, as well as the fruit of them have covered with straw. The thicker the better litter. Time began to litter at the latest when the length of ± 50 cm plants.

Watering Process

Soil moisture must be considered during the initial growth in order to get a good crop. When the female flowers have come out, it is recommended to reduce the irrigation to improve fruit formation. When the fruit begins to develop, watering should be augmented to obtain optimum fruit size. And during fruit ripening after the fruit reaches the maximum size irrigating reduced to get a good sugar levels.


Pollination may be assisted by insects, but when to plant watermelon seeds should be assisted by non-human being, so the result is perfect. Pollination time is early morning. The more the better in the morning (original female flowers of watermelon non-seed that will pollinated already blooming). To note the non- seed watermelon pollen sterile (sterile) so that cross-pollination must be done with ordinary watermelon (seeds) in order to form fruit. Therefore, if the non-seed plant watermelon, then it must also plant a watermelon seed, with a ratio of 1:10, meaning for a plant of watermelon seed as a pollinator for the 10 non-seed crops of watermelon.

Throw Twigs

When the watermelons grow normally (not too lush), we must maintain three branches without cutting the secondary branches, but if the branches grow too lush watermelons are no symptoms grow lengthwise, then cut the end of secondary branches and leaves left behind 2. Being the segment that is covered with fruit and secondary branches, the branch shall be promptly removed.

Threshing fruit

Pieces that are near the base of the stem must be removed. Fruits are best used as a ± 1 m from the base of the stem (above the leaf to-13). For the first crop of fruit only maintained 1-2 (for large). For small species of fruit 3-4.

Pest and Disease

To get good results, then the plants should be kept free of pests and diseases. Intensive management is necessary for these plants.

Those are some tips to caring for watermelon plant, if you want to cultivate these plants you should read the many references in the care for watermelon  tree to produce good quality fruit.


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